US does not judge its own human rights situation!

Secretary of State John Kerry
Secretary of State John Kerry

As the US Department of State on June 25 published country report on human rights practices in 2014 covering the nations they assist and those members of the United Nations, I was looking for the name of the US on the list…but to no avail!

They do not release such report along with the other countries.

But do they prepare it for the Congress or the State Department or the Pentagon or the White House? May be yes, and it’d be leaked by the WikiLeaks someday!

I am sure the US does not make any report on their forces’ operations aimed at establishing peace and democracy in other countries either!

Secretary of State John Kerry made a statement while unveiling the report.

Interestingly, introduction of the 2014 report and explanation on the countries covered are a bit different. Here is an example about Bangladesh:

“Following a series of tragic factory accidents in previous years that killed more than 1,000 workers, 2014 saw unprecedented scrutiny of the Bangladesh’s ready-made garment industry.

New coalitions of multinational companies, international organizations, and labor rights groups worked with the Government of Bangladesh toward improving worker safety in thousands of garment factories.

Significant concerns remain, however, with respect to workers’ rights to freely associate and collectively bargain.

Violence, intimidation, and harassment against labor activists continued throughout the year. After months of political turmoil and violence in late 2013, the parliamentary elections held in January 2014 were flawed.

The opposition and its allies engaged in a series of violent strikes before boycotting the election. The ruling party won the elections with more than half the seats uncontested.

There were also reports of extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances, as well as restrictions on online speech and the media.

Women suffered from unequal treatment and many children were compelled to work due to economic necessity or trafficking. Weak regard for the rule of law enabled individuals, including government officials, to commit human right violations and abuses with impunity and hindered individuals’ enjoyment of their human rights.”

However, the detail report on Bangladesh looks too much shocking, as if there is no rule of law! And unfortunately the local media outlets have picked headline and content from the detail part. #RIPjournalism

The Daily Star: US report focuses on extrajudicial killing, disappearance

Dhaka Tribune: Report: Extrajudicial killing a significant problem in Bangladesh Extrajudicial killings, forced disappearances ‘significant problems’: US State Department

Prothom Alo: Extrajudicial killing direct blow to human rights: US

*Peaceful or Threat to Peace*

Is the US a peaceful country? No! Then why do people from across the world travel to the US and try their best to secure citizenship?

The answer is easy: US provides you with one of world’s most liberal laws and a handsome income! Here you can wear anything — a relief for the moderates to ignore conservative views in their home countries.

The latest data in 2015 Global Peace Index (GPI) shows the US on 94th position among 162 countries. It ranked 101th last year.

In comparison, Bangladesh ranks 84 this year, up by 14 notches from last year.

About the US, the GPI report says: “The score for external conflicts fought improved, as President Barack Obama, sought to reduce US military involvement abroad, trying to wind down the US presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. The last US combat troops left Afghanistan at the end of 2014, and the remaining troops transitioned to a training and support role. The Obama administration has also worked hard to strike a nuclear disarmament deal with Iran, pushing back the deadline for talks to June 2015 to give negotiators more time.”

For several years, the US has been recognised as the biggest threat to world’s peace!