Wikipedia, not Google, right about Ashraf Ghani’s birth

UPDATE: Finally, Google has corrected its mistake, now showing May 19 as Ashraf Ghani’s birthday! 


It was a massive embarrassment for the Indian premier Modi to greet the Afghan president two months ahead of his birthday on popular Twitter on February 12 this year.


Ashraf Ghani, who was on a trip to Munich t the time, took almost seven hours to respond to the tweet. Modi’s tweet had put him in an awkward situation for sure!

He replied in brilliant words, wasn’t flattered in Modi’s silly nature of showing off love for VVIPs.


Desperate to improve his image, Modi wants to be a key player in world politics soon, though he became the PM out of the blue — thanks to some corporations and idiot voters annoyed with the Congress. I bet he never imagined he could be.


Checking Google I found it says February 12 as Ghani’s birthday, and realised how much people depend on this largest search engine. I though Modi would sack his official concerned right away, but there’s been no such report in media.

Well, here Wikipedia beat Google; they gave the correct date!


But the question whether it is Google’s fault or Ghani has two birth dates as we see in Bangladesh where people reduce their age in certificates to enjoy more benefits in jobs.

Waiting for clarification…


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