Moja losss? admin highly privileged

Moja losss? is regarded as a social campaigning Facebook page that advocates for social justice. It’s popular for satirical and troll contents focusing on politicians and media persons. Despite some controversies the page and its invisible admin(s) have recently gained massive sympathy after RAB arrested Refayat Ahmed, the alleged admin of the page also referred as Chowdhury Shaheb. He was sued for propagating anti-state and anti-government activities since long.

Moja losss? now and then

In April, the page claimed that they were threatened by the government and so they were thinking of changing style. The page didn’t clarify the claim when approached by the media.

Unfortunately, several hours after his arrest, Refayat under police custody shared a post from his profile claiming that his involvement with the page could never be proven, and that he had done nothing wrong.

Police didn’t give any explanation. We know detained persons can enjoy privileges in our country in exchange for bribes.

Refayat showed his power again by securing bail from a court that has no authority to deal with cases filed under the ICT Act!

Now you sum up the facts and see how he abused power to enjoy privileges.


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