Dictator Ershad is a humiliation for Bangladesh

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Deposed military dictator HM Ershad had been forced to resign on December 6, 1990 and it is the 25th anniversary of that glorious moment. I did not witness the moment of transfer of power but heard it and followed the previous days of resistance. I was a kid at that time, but felt that he was an oppressor.

I was also happy like the student leaders and progressive people in my area. May be I joined the procession brought out in Shyamganj on that day/night.

I was happy to know that he had served jail terms for a couple of years after the resignation. But he was subsequently freed by the Awami League government for their political gains. Since then, it’s impossible for me to stand this criminal and his aides.

Twenty-five years after his resignation, now he holds the position of “special envoy to the prime minister.” Before the January 5, 2014 election, he had sought the blessings of radical Islamist leader Ahmed Shafi and Indian politicians.

His Jatiya Party was a government ally during 2009-14, and now an opposition though two senior leaders of the party are ministers!

Culture of impunity has reached such a level that people now laugh at Ershad but do not demand his trial for misrule, corruption and gross human rights violations. Newspapers publish cartoons while politicians and former student leaders term him the “greatest shameless of the planet” and “dictator.”

Now it’s time to identify the aides of Ershad in the government and abroad so that we can be aware of such vicious cycle.

The most horrifying thing is that Ershad sometimes claim that there’s no democracy in the country and wishes to become the government head again, this time through votes. Today he said this again and claimed that people had been happy during his time!

Such an unfortunate development!


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