Frutika, not a pure juice!


Bangladesh Brand Forum has announced Frutika juice as the best juice brand of 2015, for the fourth consecutive year! I saw advertisements on the front page of several national dailies.

A positive, good news. But this award is nothing but an effort to hide a massive blunder.

In October, a Bangladesh special court dealing with safe food issues fined Akij Food and Beverage Limited for falsely claiming that Frutika is pure as it doesn’t use preservatives, based on a scientific report prepared by BCSIR.

Actually, the juice contains two poisonous chemicals that can cause cancer!

The company even tried to influence the case by submitting a false report from the top scientific authorities!!

Finally, they couldn’t escape, and the verdict was pronounced!!!

But most newspapers and TV channels didn’t carry the news. You know why! Money matters. Although they were supposed to carry the news for the sake of public safety!

It should be mentioned that the factory where Frutika is produced was fined earlier this year for polluting the surroundings despite warnings.


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