Attack on Shias in Bangladesh alarming

Such attack is alarming also because it was an armed attack, first time in the country. Such attacks are not usual in Bangladesh where minorities especially the Hindus, Adivasis, Buddhists and Christians have been under persistent threats round the year.

Three youths posing as Muslim devotees entered the Shia mosque in Bogra’s Shibganj on Thursday evening to say prayers. They first wanted to go to the restroom but soon locked the main gate and opened fire from 0.22 bore revolver(s) they were carrying in bags killing the muezzin and injuring three others.

Locals claim that there had been no conflict between the Shia and Sunni communities in the area. The Sunnis even say prayers at the Shia mosque. But they alleged that some so-called clerics had been propagating against the Shias in Shibganj terming them kafirs. It means attacking the kafirs would be a blessing for them.

The extremists need a silly excuse to launch attacks, which they do to show muscle power and gain politically and financially. They also label the secularists and moderate Islmists as “atheists” before and after killing them.

The law enforcers have detained at least six persons and remanded three of them in their search for clues.

Though Islamic State has claimed responsibilities for the Bogra attack, the government refutes it claiming that the local militants and Jamaat-Shibir men were behind this.

Now we are waiting for a credible version of the incident as well as the previous attack on Shias last month. At least two people were killed as extremists launched attack with hand grenades on a procession set to begin from the Hussaini Dalan in Old Dhaka as part of the rituals on Ashura, on October 22.

Detectives claim that members of Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh were behind the attack, and are set to press the charges soon though they have killed the prime suspect in a gunfight soon after his arrest.



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