Bangladesh: Victims of militancy since 1999

10 people died in grenade attack at an Udichi rally in Jessore on March 6, 1999
10 people died in grenade attack at an Udichi rally in Jessore on March 6, 1999

At least 120 atheists and progressive people have been killed since 1999 at the hands of different extremist groups (believers, who want to establish Islamic state in the country). But the number of people mentally tortured due to increased militant activities would not be less than a couple of crores.

1999: Bomb blast at Udichi Jessore event; 10 dead

2001: Blast at CPB’s Paltan Maidan meeting; five killed

2001: Blast at Ramna Batamul on Pohela Boishakh; 10 dead

2001: Principal Gopal Krishna Muhuri murder; one dead

2001: Huji-JMB blasts bomb at Sheikh Helal’s rally in Bagerhat; eight killed

2002: Blasts at four cinema halls of Mymensingh; 17 killed

April 2004-January 2005: Bangla Bhai and his men kill at least 24 in Rajshahi zone;

2004: Attack on writer Prof Humayun Azad; one dead

2004: Murder of Prof Yunus Ali of Rajshahi University; one dead

2004: Attack on then UK high commissioner Anwar Choudhury; three dead

2005: Series bomb attacks at 511 places in 63 districts; two killed

2004: August 21 grenade attacks on AL rally; 24 killed

2005: Grenade attack on Shah AMS Kibria; five dead

2006: RU Prof Sheikh Taher Ahmed murder; one dead

2007: Jhalakathi public prosecutor Haider Hossain murder; one dead

2013: Blogger Ahmed Rajeeb Haider murder, attack on blogger Asif Mohiuddin; one dead

2013: Buet student Arif Raihan Dwip murder; one dead

2013: Murder of Ummul Momenin Toiyobur Rahman and his teenager son at Khalishpur of Khulna by JMB; two dead

2013: Gopibagh six murders

2014: Snatching of three JMB militants; one policeman dead

2014: Sheikh Nurul Islam Faruqi murder; one dead

2014: Murder of Daffodil University student Ashraful Alam; one dead

2014: RU Prof AKM Shafiul Islam murder; one dead

2015: Avijit Roy, Oyasiqur Babu, Ananta Bijoy Das, Niloy Neel, Nengta Fakir and his follower, and Khijir Khan murders; murder attempt on priest Luke Sarker; Tazia attack; 10 dead

2015: Murder of publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan, 2 ASIs killed; murder of a shrine caretaker at Kaunia of Rangpur; attack on Shia mosque in Bogra; five killed

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