Facebook shutdown coincided with IS killing Italian in Dhaka, US-UK-Australia alerts

In Bangladesh, some people could not access Facebook, Google and Instagram for over 30 minutes in the wee hours of Tuesday.


People across the world are complaining it on Twitter as last resort among the popular social media sites.

I could access Facebook at 2:12am, after nearly 50 minutes and found that the problem was not same for everyone.

The shutdown occurred at a time when the law enforcement agencies in Dhaka are on high alert over the murder of an Italian NGO official on the street in Gulshan on Monday evening.


Tweets poured around midnight saying Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the murder, its first strike in Bangladesh. But the source could not be verified as authentic.



The victim, 50, was the project director of a Netherlands-based NGO, ICCO, working with farmers. He was also a member of the American Club. Rumours said he was the swimming trainer at American International School.

The murder takes place at a time when the US, the UK and Australia expressed concern over possible militant attack in late September in Bangladesh!

Cricket Australia also cancelled its proposed tour on security grounds. But the Bangladesh authorities had assured them by claiming that the country was not under such militant threat.

However, the government’s claim proved wrong within a few hours. And the international media grabbed the news.

After the death of Cesare Tavella, the US renewed its security alert for the US nationals in Bangladesh.

The home minister on Tuesday reiterated that there was no existence of IS in the country.

According to media reports, the law enforcement agencies have arrested over a dozen local and international militants linked to Islamic State or al-Qaeda or Taliban.

The number of well-known and small local and regional militant groups operating in Bangladesh won’t be less than 100, observers say.


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