Mushfique’s callousness on Eid Day, again, and his rogue fans!


On the Eid-ul-Adha last year, Tigers Test team captain Mushfiqur Rahim uploaded a photo, selfie, on his Facebook page: he was smiling with a relative in front of people chopping a cow.


This year, the celebrity slaughtered a cow himself, and someone took the photo and uploaded on the page.

Forget about last year, people were fierce this time. Comments condemning his act flooded the post. The photo was removed later in the day without any explanation.

The day is the biggest Muslim ritual called “feast of sacrifice.” However, it’s observed by majority people as a feast only as they deny correcting themselves.


Mushfique is a university graduate. He’s a fame-seeker, money monger. On the field he’s an inefficient player but holds strong position for his good relation with highups!

Today I commented on a post on his page, asked him about his “feelings” and “thoughts” while slitting the throat of the cow. He didn’t reply.

His following posts explaining the removal and later defending his act were another example of callousness.

First post says he removed the post because he has a wide range of fans from different countries and religions.
Here he claims he removed the photo because it contained blood which might not be pleasant for children!

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