Suraiya won’t forget, forgive

The Magura girl is one month old now; she has survived, for now, and her mother to. Their existence is the power, a constant threat against the political goons regardless party label. This is what the rights campaigners need, a push.

Already an accused is dead by the law enforcers as punishment which comes as a signal for other ruling party supporters who have gone reckless. The trial may take several years, and so does the appeal case in the Supreme Court against possible death penalty for the culprits.

But it’ll take at least a decade to execute the verdict, no doubt. This is what may happen considering the present condition, but it would change if we strike hard — now!

Suraiya will live, she’ll be well-educated and a human being with a vision. She’ll be among us all through. Nazma will show us the path!

Take action from your position and inspire change!


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