Probir Sikdar, thanks for your sacrifice!

I am hurt, I am ashamed but I am not broken. Truth wins, and muscle power used to suppress facts shall collapse!

Veteran investigative journalist and son of a family of 14 martyrs Probir Sikdar enlightened the people of Bangladesh in 2001 about the devils who had acted against the country’s War of Independence in 1971 but presently enjoying privileges.

One of those collaborators was Faridpur’s Nula Musa alias Moosa bin Shamsher, an arms trader who built a mountain of money after the war — thanks to the military dictators Zia and Ershad. Before this, very few people knew about his relation with the Pakistani occupation forces, and now with Sheikh Selim, a cousin of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

In result, he had to face a brutal armed attack in April 2001 that caused him severe injuries. His leg had to be amputated while his hand and other body parts damaged in the bomb attack. He later left Faridpur to save his life.

He’s very fortunate that the killers couldn’t be successful to silence him in the past years! Unfortunately, the ordinary people in Bangladesh are actually without any power to shield themselves. As he sought no cover from the politically-influential persons, he has always remained vulnerable.

Until date, none of the attackers was brought to the book nor we could know who gave the order. Moreover, the incumbent government and the war crimes tribunal refrained from launching investigation into the allegations Probir had raised in 2001. That’s normal here though!

Nula Musa hit the headlines recently after the Anti-Corruption Commission began the third probe on his wealth. The previous reports were never published! Following this, his son Boby Hajjaj vowed to contest Dhaka city polls for the mayoral post, campaigned vigorously, but finally stepped back as a chameleon politician.

Hajjaj is a private university teacher while also an adviser to Ershad, who now holds the specially-invented post of PM’s special envoy!

These facts reflect why anyone raising voice against the monstrous activities of Nula Musa may get punished.

In 2015, Probir Sikdar remains vulnerable too as we see Nula Musa has got another partner in crimes, LGRD Minister Khandaker Mosharraf, who is the father-in-law of PM’s only daughter. Probir Sikdar recently criticised the minister for evicting a Hindu family and grabbing their house.

The allegation is true, and so he had to face consequences for revealing the matter before public through Facebook. The minister has shown his evil power: Probir Sikdar was refused by police on July 22 when he wanted to file a general diary; on August 17, he was picked up by police for verification of his claims against the minister at the police station but later taken to dreadful DB office; after interrogation, he was moved to Faridpur while a public prosecutor, on behalf of the minister, was preparing to file a case under oppressive section 57 of the ICT Act; he was taken to court the next morning flanked by two policemen, handcuffed while walking with a crutch…police were given three days to interrogate him about other possible conspiracy behind posting the status on Facebook!

These made the minister complacent, may be, as the police the next day, Wednesday, brought him to court claiming that Probir Sikdar had admitted his fault! He secured bail, apparently by the mercy of the giant minister, who is a controversial character within the party.

Interestingly, the law minister on Thursday said that the remand order was unconstitutional since no court should grant remand for any disabled person.

The days are not predictable. The government has taken tough stance openly to suppress critics, mainly those with brains.

Probir Sikdar, your sacrifice as a brave whistleblower will lead us to the right path!


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