Crossfires can’t stop crimes

Chhatra League President Arju Mia of Hazaribagh unit has been killed by RAB in an alleged gunfight with his cohorts. His family members claim that he had no criminal record.

The killing took place around 2:30am on Wednesday when RAB said they were in a drive to arrest Arju’s friends who had killed 16-year-old innocent Raja Mia in Gonoktuli area on Monday.

He was blamed for mugging mobile phone and laptops of Arju and beaten mercilessly by the gang.

The Daily Prothom Alo published the news with top priority on its front page today. Television channels aired reports last night.

Elite force Rapid Action Battalion has done its job; they killed the key accused, apparently for some reasons the people don’t know.

This morning brought me another crossfire news, from Magura, where Chhatra League infighting caused severe harm to the ruling party’s reputation.

A pregnant mother was bullet-hit and so her child inside the womb. She had to be operated soon and the baby brought outside several weeks before due date. After two weeks of treatment the baby girl survived and got her mother.

The number three accused Azibur was killed in an alleged gunfight with the police. Did he know something that could harm the party highups in Magura?

Some people believe that such extrajudicial killings will create panic among criminals. But crime rate has been on the rise even though RAB has killed hundreds of criminals and innocent people since its inception in 2004.

Why can’t you arrest the criminals without causing any harm?

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