Child rape, gang-rape become alarming in Bangladesh!

Stop Rape Now; No Means No!
Stop Rape Now; No Means No!

Recently, a number of rapes, especially several cases involving minors, have shocked Bangladesh. A 10-year-old indigenous (Garo) child was raped in the capital’s Bhatara area on August 4 by a 22-year-old man. She was on her way to school when the rapist, a neighbour, lured her into a house, saying he would marry her, and then raped her.

Three days earlier, two children aged seven and nine were raped by their neighbours at two corners of the capital. Locals in one incident wanted to settle the matter out of the court, but the victim’s father decided to go the police station. InKaliganj of Jhenidah, two other children younger than nine were raped by people in the same village—one of the rapists was just 17—within five days of each other.

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