Well Done Thailand! Learn Something Bangladesh!!

thai-generalWidely known as tourist entertainer, Thailand has created history by quickly processing indictment of 72 people including an army general for their involvement in human trafficking rackets revealed in May this year!

Prosecutors have also said they will sue more others once they are arrested.

These persons were implicated in cases after the graves of illegal migrants from Bangladesh (locals and Ronhigya Muslims staying in Cox’s Bazar) and Myanmar found in Thai jungles.

Hundreds of poor Bangladeshis travel to Malaysia, Thailand and even Australia by fishing boats and other vessels to fulfil their dreams of earning handsome amount of money. However, a large number of them face police custody in those country while are compelled to pay the traffickers huge sum of money.

And this voyage is on — thanks to the local political leaders and officials of the law enforcement agencies and the paramilitary force Border Guard Bangladesh, who have been aiding the trafficking gangs!

Recently, the Prime Minister’s Office received several investigation reports on the persons involved in the illegal business. Those reports also contain the name of the godfather Abdur Rahman Badi, a ruling party lawmaker from Cox’s Bazar.

But without taking a single significant action, the prime minister drew severe criticisms at home and abroad in May by terming the migrants “mentally sick” and saying that they should be punished.

She changed her tone a month later. On June 24, she told parliament that in recent times human trafficking has increased alarmingly and Bangladesh has taken strong measure against it. “The law enforcers have been given strict orders to adopt zero tolerance policy against human trafficking.”

Meanwhile, the government has been working to finalise the national action plan to combat human trafficking, though it’s been operational since long. Well, better late than never!

The newly-appointed expatriates welfare minister recently said combating human trafficking is a challenging job for him.

Can’t be assured of seeing effective measures taken by the Bangladesh side on this matter in the near future!


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