Groping Women: Why This Sick Attitude Is Seen Everywhere?

groping expose540Groping is a serious sexual offence committed against women across the globe, mainly in massive festival gatherings and public transports. From girls aged as young as two to elderly women, regardless their social status or profession, are targeted.

These offenders are sex maniacs as they roam around to target women and children who might not react adversely out of shame or fear.

Those men look for female bodies all through the day for sexual pleasure since they are unable to defy what their penis-head wants them to do.

Such brutal incidents have been taking place unabated also because of their habits, especially watching pornography that promotes rape, sexual abuse and incest relationship.

Biologically, the penis doesn’t move itself until or unless the person thinks about something or do related to sex. But it is the duty of that man to control his acts triggered by the penis’ arousal. And it’s not tough; look at the men who do not grope, molest, harass or rape — they are majority.

Meanwhile, it won’t be wise to term those sex maniacs mentally sick as it’ll give them the scope to get away without being punished.

Stern punishment is the best solution for these men since they think themselves indomitable or influential enough to bypass legal action. In most cases, they don’t think about the after effects because of the arousal.

When these offenders see they can get away from a scene after groping a woman or child, they commit the crime again; and in the next venture they would take some other men with them.

Thus the number of sex offenders increase.

Only strict enforcement of women-friendly laws can stop this menace. Social teachings on moral values isn’t effective on this issue since the offenders aren’t ashamed to be labelled as criminals or sex freaks.

Photo shows some men groping a woman on April 14
Photo shows some men groping a woman on April 14

Bangladesh’s latest experience: Mass-level groping took place recently during the Amar Ekushey Book Fair on February 21 and Pohela Boishakh celebrations on April 14 on Dhaka University campus when hundreds of thousands of people including women and children thronged the place. Even though a dozen of offenders have been identified, they couldn’t be arrested yet.

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