Shocking! Bangladesh’s top restaurants, chain shops fined for selling substandard foods (updates)

Who to trust? No one! Eat at your own whim and accept the consequences. You can also inform the police when registering something odd.

The information given here are taken from online newspapers including Dhaka Tribune, The Daily Star and

December 12, 2015: Today Nando’s, Agora, Meena Bazar and Bar-B-Q-Tonite were fined for keeping adulterated and substandard foods!

August 27, 2015:

Palki and Bhojon Bari restaurants (Sylhet): Fined Tk20,000 each and cases filed by mobile court for unhygienic environment.

Panshi Restaurant (Sylhet): Fined Tk10,000 and sued.

July 13, 2015:

51 food stores and firms fined for violating laws and serving foods in unhygienic environment by the consumer rights protection department in the capital. KFC, Pizza Hut are among them!!!

June 25, 2015:

Swapno (Narayanganj): Fined Tk10,000 for selling adulterated curd.

In Dhaka New Market area:

Star Hotel and Restaurant: Fined Tk5 lakh for keeping adulterated foods, unhygienic environment and not using gloves.

Aamtoli Restaurant: Fined Tk3 lakh for keeping adulterated foods and unhygienic environment.

Ghoroa Hotel (Elephant Road): Fined Tk3 lakh for selling adulterated foods and not showing price list.

Oshtobenjon: Fined Tk1 lakh for unhygienic environment, not using gloves and not showing price list.

Maloncha Restaurant and Fast Food: Fined Tk1 lakh and outlet sealed. Manager and other officials fled the scene sensing presence of police.

June 24, 2015 (Uttara):

HelvetiaHelvetia: Fined Tk50,000 for using substandard cooking oil and date expired foods.

Sea Shell: Fined Tk50,000 for unhygienic environment.

La Bamba: Fined by the DMP Tk50,000 for selling unauthorised products.

Alibaba Sweets: Fined Tk1 lakh,

Bismillah Mishti Mukh: Fined Tk1 lakh, and

Ekushey Sweets: Fined Tk7,000 for unhygienic environment and selling adulterated products.

Swapno (Gazipur): Fined for selling date expired products.

June 23, 2015 (Gulshan):

BFCBFC: Fined Tk 1 lakh for keeping adulterated and substandard foods.

Swapno: Fined Tk1.5 lakh for selling rotten fish and unauthorised products.

Premium Sweets: Fined Tk50,000 for adulterated foods.

Spaghetti: Fined Tk50,000 for selling adulterated foods

Olive Garden Restaurant: Fined Tk2 lakh for keeping beef, pork and chicken meat together in refrigerator and unhygienic environment.

Kasturi Garden: Fined Tk50,000 for selling unauthorised and rotten foods


June 21, 2015 (Baily Road):

KFC: Fined Tk1 lakh for selling date expired goods and using adulterated oil in different food items

Pizza Hut: Fined Tk1 lakh for using unauthorised chemicals — bolognaise sauce seasoning and extreme seasoning.

Boomers: Fined Tk1 lakh on charges of keeping rotten meat and adulterated food items in refrigerator.

Hotel Nababi Bhoj: Fined Tk20,000.

Bailey’s Barbeque: Fined Tk20,000.

August 13, 2014:

Rice and Noodles: Fined Tk10,000 for unhygienic environment and selling adulterated foods.

Deshi Shad: Fined Tk15,000 for having no licence, using artificial colour and unhygienic ingredients.

August 21, 2014 (Chittagong):

Oh Chittagong: Fined Tk45,000 for cooking foods in unhygienic environment and providing lower quality of foods.

Red Chili: Fined Tk45,000 and

Handi LogoHandi: Fined Tk45,000 for realising additional charges for fixed rate foods from the consumers.

March 24, 2014 (Dhanmondi):

Almas Super Shop: Fined Tk1 lakh for selling products without BSTI approval.

Alemia Bakery: Fined Tk25,000.

Chhabar: Fined Tk30,000.

Olympia Palace Restaurant: Fined Tk25,000.

Ali Abacus Thai and Chinese Restaurant: Fined Tk30,000.

March 3, 2014 (Moghbazar & Hatirpool):

Kasturi: Fined Tk15,000 and

Cafe de Taj: Fined Tk20,00 for substandard food.

Agora Super Shop: Fined Tk50,000 for selling adulterated foods.

Dhaka Food: Fined Tk30,000 for selling fruits laced with formalin.

February 28, 2014 (Banani):

Kasturi Hotel: Fined Tk40,000,

Lucky Hotel: Fined Tk30,000, and

Al Ismail Hotel: Fined Tk50,000 for selling adulterated foods.

July 22, 2013:

Trust Family Needs Super Shop (Uttara): Fined Tk17 lakh for selling expired iftar items, various foods items and cosmetics; items worth Tk5 lakh seized. One of its branches in Uttara was fined for the same reasons seven months earlier.

Star Kebab Hotel and Restaurant, Fakruddin Foods, Alauddin Sweetmeat and Mama Halim were fined for selling adulterated iftar items.

April 9, 2012:

Swapno: Fined Tk1 lakh,

Agora: Fined Tk1 lakh, and

Meena Bazaar: Fined Tk1 lakh for selling low-grade packed products.

Ideal Agro Food Products Ltd: Fined Tk2 lakh for using colours in food products which it also supplied to these retail chains. It was selling 77 food products without BSTI authorisation certificate.
March 8, 2012 (Chittagong):

Meena Bazar: Fined Tk50,000 and

Well Mart: Fined Tk15,000 for using formalin in fruits and some food items.

August 8, 2011 (Chittagong):

Meena Bazar: Fined Tk60,000 for using formalin in grapes and raisins, and selling sugar at prices higher than the government-fixed one. The kitchen of the outlet was found neat and clean.

August 26, 2009:

 Rajdhani Hotel (Gulistan): Fined Tk1.5 lakh,

Al Razzak Hotel and Restaurant: Fined Tk1 lakh,

Khabar Dabar Hotel: Fined Tk1 lakh, and

Hotel Raj: Fined Tk1 lakh for keeping food uncovered in an unhygienic environment.

Khazana Restaurant (Uttara): Fined Tk 10,000.

Super Bonoful Restaurant (Shahbagh): Fined Tk5,000 for keeping expired food items.

Family Needs Ltd (Uttara): Fined Tk20,000 for selling after-shave lotions without BSTI seals.

New Bhaggyakul Sweetmeat Store (Shahbagh): Fined Tk8,000, and

Ananda Bakery (Shahbagh): Fined Tk8,000 for selling fruit juice without license.



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