Save the children from religious pollution

Photo: Poltu, a potential victim of religious pollution
Photo: Poltu, a potential victim of religious pollution

She’s only eight-month-old toddler; learning to stand on her own feet — sometimes waving both hands in air for few seconds, crawls down the bed to catch me when I’m around, wants to see everything around wherever she goes — sometimes from close range, touches everything she gets within reach, stares at foods and waters the lips as if she’d have eaten them all, from one’s lap wants to jump towards the exit gate whenever she finds it open…

I let her move on her own will whenever possible, not dictating like teaching a robot. She’s human; she’s unique in all aspect!

So I protect her from elements that can damage her human characteristics and physical attacks — occurred due to systematic input of social norms in her toddler age and negligence in ensuring a safe atmosphere.

Teaching even a single line of those social, nationalist and religious norms at this age will change the natural course of her life.

These norms are for adults only cause they’re tough for the adults and seem toughest for the kids. But as per our existing norms, we start teaching them the norms just after birth that they would have to follow to survive safely in that society.

Parents, relatives and neighbours join hands together in this process of massive destruction! Hence we kill a unique human and make just another robot that we see around or learnt or dreamt.

How much pollution should we allow?
I can accept minimum psychological and physical loss to my child due to common but inevitable external factors including air pollution, water and noise pollution, mosquitoes, rains, heat, cold, fever…but while filling the loss I focus on her revival and building antibodies.

Religious names and identities of relatives are imposed from the very beginning. I couldn’t stop it. But I’ll resist further pollution of her mind.

Let the child grow in her own world until when she’s able to choose her path.

I don’t wanna see her becoming a stubborn religious extremist!

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