Rohingyas: Nowhere to go?

Bangladesh govt should have helped the Rohingya Muslims coming here after the killings in 2012. But it didn’t do so citing security reasons. In retaliation, Buddhists in Ramu and nearby areas were attacked. I condemned the govt stance, wrote articles and blogs. Only a few people protested and they forgot it soon. That’s sad!
They resumed protests when the Myanmar govt and Buddhists carried out another spell of attacks in 2013. But forgot it again.

They woke up in 2014 when the Myanmar govt refused to recognise Rohingyas as citizens. But lost interest soon!

Recently when boats filled with Rohingyas and Bangladeshis are found on the sea, PM said they should face legal action whereas she keeps silence despite having intelligence report on involvement of police and party leaders in human trafficking.

This has hurt the sentiments of diverse quarters here and now we see religious fanatics making open call for slaughtering Buddhists using fake photos of imaginary latest killings of thousands of Rohingyas every day!

Military/dictators in power can never ensure justice to the political and religious minorities.

Take CHT and Myanmar for instance where indigenous people and Rohingya Muslims are subjected to systematic persecution for decades so that they leave the places voluntarily!



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