Shame, authorities deny massive sexual assaults during Pohela Boishakh!

Dhaka Tribune front page shows sexual assault of a woman by a gang of stalkers at Suhrawardy Udyan gate at TSC of Dhaka University
Dhaka Tribune front page shows sexual assault of a woman by a gang of stalkers at Suhrawardy Udyan gate at TSC of Dhaka University

TV channels, newspapers and social media activists have since been exposing the culprits who had sexually assaulted at least 20 women and children during the

Pohela Boishakh (first fay of Bangla new year) celebrations observed centrally on Dhaka University campus on April 14. It is the largest cultural festival of the Bangalees.

But the DU authorities and the law enforcers influenced by the Awami League-led government have been denying the facts, claiming that no victim had filed any complaint and that the media was exaggerating some trivial incidents.

So far only a police officer has been suspended for releasing two stalkers who had been caught red-handed by the activists of DU unit Bangladesh Chhatra Union, the progressive student wing of the Communist Party of Bangladesh.

Since then, the BCU activists have been demonstrating to demand that the police identify the culprits and bring them to book. They staged a number of programmes on DU campus and drew media attention — embarrassing for the incumbent government.

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On May 10, police severely beat up the demonstrators when they were marching to lay siege to the DMP commissioner’s office in the capital’s Minto Road, leaving at least 34 protesters including women injured. They were protesting against police inaction to bring to book the culprits.


According to credible media reports, at least 20 women and children aged as little as 10 had been sexually assaulted on April 14. 

The High Court also directed the authorities concerned to investigate the incidents of sexual assault. But to no avail!

On Thursday, another High Court bench issued a rule on the government to explain why a permanent task force would not be formed to address human rights violations by the police. It also asked the government to explain as to why it should not be ordered to adopt a guideline or a policy to restore confidence of the people on the law enforcers.

Thanks to Executive Director of Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association (BNWLA) Salma Ali for filing the petition, upon which the orders came.

On April 14, DU unit BCU President Liton Nandi broke his right arm during an attack by those youths when he had tried to stop them. He and his two friends caught two stalkers and handed them over to the police, but they were later released!

Shocking police chief

Inspector General of Police AKM Shahidul Haque on Tuesday termed the incidents of sexual assault on women and children during Pahela Baishakh celebrations”naughtiness of few youths.”

Talking to journalists at police headquarters in the afternoon, he said: “How did four or five youths assault the women when there were thousands of people in Suhrawardy Udyan gate areas during the Pahela Baishakh celebrations on the Dhaka University campus? “Why did not people catch the assaulters?” he further questioned.

“People could prevent the naughtiness of the youths if any assaulting incident occurred.” he said. The IGP also alleged that Liton Nandi had misguided the people regarding the incidents. “He is providing different information in different times,” the police chief told the media.

But here’s a video link that shows blatant lies by the DU authorities and the police.

What a fucking country!!!

Really, it’s hard to tolerate. Police on Friday said they have identified at least 12 people for molesting women and children on that day, but claimed that they were outsiders. Police investigation also found that three officers acted irresponsibly.


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