Bangladesh Police exposes its real face during protests against sexual assaults










An all-out student strike has been announced for Tuesday, May 12, over the police torture on protesters Sunday.

Police detain six while injure 30 activists who joined a demonstration in front of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police headquarters this noon!

To the police, it was an offence to demand arrest of the culprits who sexually assaulted at least 20 women and children during the Pohela Boishakh celebrations in TSC area on April 14.

Police as well as the Dhaka University authorities have been claiming that no such incident had taken place and that the activists affiliated with Bangladesh Students’ Union and others are exaggerating.

None of the victims is willing to demand justice before the police, who on April 14, had released two culprits!

News reports and photos available in social media give credible evidence.

So far, a number of leaders and activists have been identified for their involvement in the barbaric assaults. And now those who beat up the demonstrators may be found to have involved with Chhatra League in the past.

Can such denial conceal the facts? How long?


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