Pakistani cricketers frustrated as Tigers show them door

The over-confident cricketers and management of Pakistan cricket team thought they would bag trophies and prize money from Bangladesh tour alongside the compensation since Bangladesh refused to visit Pakistan to play a series several years back for security reasons.

But they now have to cry after scandalous defeat in the 3-match ODI series and the only T20 match!

On the other hand, the Tigers were just confident to play well. Energised after the World Cup successes, Tigers played their best in this series against the visitors — thanks to stunning individual performance by several batsmen.

More agonies to hit the Pakistani players in the upcoming Test series.

Cricket is a game, not a war with weapons, by the way.

Still, the Bangladeshis have always been enraged about the Pakistanis for historic misdeeds. In 1971, Bangladesh defeated the Pakistani occupation forces who had launched a barbaric slaughter against the unarmed Bangalees as they wanted independence from erstwhile West Pakistan.

None of the rulers until now has apologised, not even their local collaborators who are now facing trial for their complicity in crimes against humanity in 1971.

Moreover, the notorious Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has continued to fuel the radical Muslim groups in Bangladesh to demand Shariah law or establish Shariah law by capturing power through armed struggle.

AHM Mostafa Kamal, the ICC president who recently resigned to protest against India’s influencing the World Cup matches, was criticised heavily for forcing the Tigers to go to Pakistan. He pledged to manage the players in exchange for getting vote of Pakistan in ICC election.

No one can forget those days of controversy.

And the Tigers will show the Pak cricketers the way to the Dhaka airport after the Test series, I bet!


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