Those who set #Oporajeo jute and cotton bag factory on fire last month wanted to cripple the noble and unique initiative…

The factory at Savar employs around 35 surviving  workers of the Rana Plaza factories and they were given medical and education facilities as well as profit share…some people who did not like the groundbreaking initiative set it on fire. And now they’re laughing at the young entrepreneur, who is struggling hard to recover the loss.

A large part of the last shipment for a Switzerland buyer stored in the factory was razed in the fire.

Those who can help please come forward for their sake. Collect order for the factory.

Initially, Oporajeo has planned to raise funds by selling 50 T-shirts at Tk1,000 each. Is there anybody willing to help?

For further information, contact Kazi Monir Hossain.