You should be afraid of extremists in Bangladesh

The following comments were made in a report published by Al Jazeera English on Facebook.

I’m afraid to make any comment here (in public). The rise of militancy and other radical Islamists will destroy this country soon. Al Jazeera English will soon witness the comments from online campaigners of those groups. They’ve spread everywhere on the web and across the country to propagate against the secular forces.

Some people will say those bloggers were killed as they criticised Islam. But Freedom of Expression also doesn’t mean you’ll kill secular/atheist people! Did the radicals file any case against Avijit, Rajib Haider or Oyasiqur? No. Rather we see extremists who continuously threaten secular people online get immense support from a wide range of ordinary Muslims.

You can’t establish #PEACE by killing people!

It is obvious that Muslims would react harshly if someone analyses the Qur’an and the Hadiths, and tell people the findings. So far I know, it’s strictly restricted. Better keep mum. It doesn’t mean other religions among 4,200 don’t have any flaws, by the way!

IS leaders from Syria visited Chittagong last year and asked four local militant groups to work together to establish a Shariah-based state incorporating parts of India and Myanmar.

Please don’t misunderstand. The current govt is anti-militancy, but the previous one led by BNP-Jamaat was pro-militant. Many of its ministers and lawmakers were found involved with militant networks. But now it seems that some law enforcers are involved with militant outfits too.

Note: Bangladesh constitution reinstated secularism in 2011 but did not remove state religion and religion-based politics introduced by military rulers. And here progressive teachers, students and bloggers are killed, tortured and humiliated every day while police also detain them and file cases. It’s ridiculously funny state of affairs!


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