Well done Tigers, you played against 14 Indian players

Mahmudullah six Mashrafe appeals for Raina lbw
Rohit_no ballICC_india_by Moja Loss?Wrong decisions on Raina’s LBW, the noball for Sharma’s catch and Mahmudullah’s six upset millions of Tiger fans.

But we do not forget to recognise the fighting spirit of the national cricket team in the 2015 World Cup tournament. They deserve a big hug!

The ICC umpires’ bias towards defending champion India has shattered the dreams of Bangladesh in the quarter-final match in Melbourne Cricket Ground on Thursday.

It seemed like India’s 11 players had three more in the umpires’ pool.

Only punishment of the umpires and condemnation towards the Indian team can console my pain now.

Salute to the Tigers! Keep roaring!!!




  1. All u Bangladeshi fans out there.. U all can’t accept ur defeats and want to blame the umpires decision and name Indian team as cheat.. Can u plz explain us how u won the match against England .. U won by 15 runs.. But can u explain about the controversial run out of Jordan.. It was not out.. The bat was in the crease.. But bcoz of the umpire wrong decision on that day u Bangladesh won the match against england.. For that u can’t speak a word about the decisions.. Bcoz u won.. But as u have lost today.. U are all trying to blame on others for ur defeat!!


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