Be either secular or religious, not both

Secular scholars are killed, others threatened by radical Muslims of constitutionally-secular Bangladesh in 2015, a state which recognised Islam as the state religion, based on population, and declared by an army ruler in 1986!!!

The party which introduced secularism in the first constitution of 1972, now in power with the deposed military dictator, amended the charter twice since 2011, but refrained from revoking the double-standard provision!!!

The only viable solution to this disgusting state of affairs lies with a writ petition filed with the Supreme Court over a decade ago. But it’s not been brought to any apex court bench for hearing since the government isn’t interested to welcome arguments on the matter!!!

Are you interested to ensure security of the below 10% non-Muslims? If yes, please expedite the cases filed over the brutal communal attacks, which also hurt their religious sentiment too, to ensure justice for the victims and prove that rule of law prevails! If not, drop secularism from the constitution and ask the non-Muslims to leave the country!!

Dear peaceful Muslims, end the culture of impunity. Don’t remain reluctant to the abrupt abuse of Islam. Eliminate the extremist quarters. I can’t bear these horrible agonies anymore!!!



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