Please, train the law enforcers properly


RAB & policemen with #arms were watching when over a dozen ruling party men hacked #Bishwajit in broad daylight. They did not leave the spot to assist the ruling party men, who possibly thought Bishwajit was a BNP supporter.

And we blame the #photojournalists and TV camerapersons and the ordinary people for not saving the innocent Old Dhaka tailor. However, no one spoke about Deputy Commissioner of Police Harun-or-Rashid who led the police team near the spot.

The law enforcers were not even brought to the book for negligence in duty. A pro-BNP lawyer filed a petition with the court to add the names of the RAB and policemen. But it was rejected.

When #Avijit and his wife were hacked, a policeman seen on available photos was calling other police to come to the scene. He had a shotgun in his hand though. There was a police checkpost just few yards from the crime scene.

And we lambast the 8-10 unarmed onlookers for not resisting the attackers and delaying to take the injured to hospital!

I often see policemen taking nap during duty hours at checkposts, on their vehicles, or any spot beside the man road giving an impression that they’re the most powerful useless elements of the society.


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