Fanaticism threatens secularism in Islamic Bangladesh


Writer Humayun Azad, blogger Rajeeb Haider…blogger Avijit Roy murders threaten us.


Analysis on Islam and the Prophet, criticisms against jamaat, hefazat, huji, JMB, hizb ut-tahrir may invite brutal attack.


They have been threatening writers and bloggers while the government is prosecuting them. Where would they go?


According to the country’s constitution, secularism is one of the principles of the state while Islam is its state religion. Politics based on religion is also allowed to spread along with madrasas patronised by Islamists – both without any monitoring or regulations.

Who is next?


Today youths gathered at TSC and Shahbagh to protest against attack on Avijit and his wife, blogger Bonya Ahmed, demanding justice. Avijit’s father Professor Ajoy Roy filed a case and demanded that the government cracks down on so-called Islamists. Solidarity father!

Photo: Hafiz Asad

Attack on Humayun Azad

Attack on Avijit, Bonya

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