Rois claims he didn’t torture Zubair

Rois_Zubair-killerKhan Mohammad Rois Sohan, one of the prime accused in Jahangirnagar University student Zubair Ahmed murder case who fled the court last year, claims that he was not present at the crime scene on January 8, 2012.

However, he was found involved in the torture of Zubair, who succumbed to his injuries the following day at a hospital, in preliminary investigations conducted by the police and the university authorities.

For this, he was named as one of the three accused when the case had been filed by the university administration. Based on three investigation reports, the university Syndicate expelled seven students, including Rois, for life and six others for two years for their involvement in the murder.

All the 13 accused in the case are activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League, student wing of the ruling Awami League. Zubair was a former Chhatra League activist.

Rois fled the court along with three other accused on February 23 last year, when the Speedy Trial Tribunal 4 cancelled their bails. Police have no clue about the fugitive accused until date. However, as per his Facebook activities, Rois is now staying in Denmark.

The court was set to deliver verdict in the case yesterday. But the date was deferred until Sunday as the police failed to produce seven accused from the Dhaka Central Jail.

The Dhaka Tribune sent him a set of 10 questions on Facebook on Tuesday; Rois replied to the questions yesterday.

The questions and answers have been given here verbatim.

Q: Why did you flee the court?

A: To save my life, which is FOROJ [mandatory] in my religion, because I know that I am not going to get justice according to Bangladeshi laws.

Q: Do you think you’ve been implicated in the case falsely? Were you present at the scene?

A: No, I was not present at the scene. I was with my girlfriend.

Q: What do you know about those who killed Zubair?

A: They are some highly-influential political persons; I do not want to mention their names.

Q: Why did Zubair torture his batchmates earlier (as claimed by several accused)?

A: It was some nasty hall politics of that hall [Bangabandhu], I don’t know the actual reason clearly.

Q: Who are the real killers?

A: This is the burning question; I am still searching for them. Just pray for me.

Q: Who are the real culprits behind the murder?

A: I don’t know; let me know if you can find it.

Q: Do you think the killers should be punished?

A: Definitely, and only by death penalty.

Q: Do you think violent political activities should stop at educational institutions?

A: Of course. I expect only education and other co-curricular activities from these institution.

Q: Do you think violence is obvious on university campus?

A: No/yes. Actually I am confused.

Q: What is your plan in the future?

A: I don’t know.

Rois mentioned that it was the first time any journalist enquired him about Zuabir murder.

The Speedy Trial Tribunal 4 of Dhaka on Sunday sentenced Rois to death.


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