Sundarbans Oil Spill: Is Bangladesh capable of facing disasters?

Dhaka Tribune
Dhaka Tribune

Now Dolphins‬ started dying after the Sundarbans‬ oil spill. Fishes, birds, crabs are already dying. Next are the deer and tigers, and what not!

However, it’s no big deal for this ‪‎government and the administration of 2014‪ Bangladesh! Its minister says the oil spill will not harm the forest much!

They are building two 1320MW coal-run power plants – despite knowing about the possible threats – near the world’s largest mangroves forest in the next few years while allowing new shipbreaking yards, cement factories and other hazardous industries too.

It’s been reluctant since ‪#Rana Plaza‬ ‪#collapse‬ that killed over 1,140 poor‪ garment‬ workers‬!!! Still we find bones and skull of humans at the site where the Army conducted a rescue and salvage operations for two weeks!

Last Eid, the government failed to rescue Pinak 6 launch carrying over 200 poor passengers beyond its capacity – a common risky trend during Muslim festivals. Only around 45 bodies were found while more than 150 remain missing. Despite making pledges, the government is yet to make the probe report public!

Every year we see unfit vessels are given face-lift and these are even reported in media. But…

This year like every year, the government has failed to take precautionary measures before floods in monsoon that devastate houses and crop lands while displacing millions of people. But the government is never ready!

Yet the United Nations appreciates Bangladesh for its efficiency in disaster management. Hilarious!!!


  1. Do you think that use of oil spillage skimmer was necessary? Is there any oil skimmer available with the national disaster management agency.


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