1971 controversies: Whose concern?

Waiting eagerly to see ruling of the Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal on 1971 death count against a contempt petition regarding British-born Bangladeshi journalist David Bergman — also son-in-law of Dr Kamal, who, however, did not question the number of rape victims! How amazing developments!!!

He did not raise the question while working with Gita Sahgal on popular Channel 4 documentary War Crimes Files released two decades back, or later; not even during the previous BNP-Jamaat government!

He has been following the trial proceedings since the beginning and with the help of four/five hands he’s been updating day to day events on a website in English. He also writes opinion on crucial decisions of the tribunals.

While doing these good works he’s been blamed for only criticising the events — certainly having grounds — thanks to the inefficient prosecutors, investigators and naked interferrence of the government.

May be it’s my fault that I don’t find him praising any good step by the tribunals. He might be taking revenge for some unknown reasons. Or he finds nothing positive in trying the top identified war criminals after 40 years of independence.

Bangladesh is a fertile breeding ground of blame game. There’re lot of things to criticise and condemn the ruling Awami League-led government. On the other hand, the 1971 collaborators who had been released by military ruler Gen Ziaur Rahman and subsequently established in civil service, army and religion-based politics have now become tycoons.

Many still believe that the 1971 Liberation War was a conflict between the supporters of Awami League and Jamaat; hence, the ongoing trial is a vengeance of the Sheikh Mujib’s party.

People having no political inclination are the ultimate sufferers.


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