BNP leadership perpetrated August 21 attack

Sheikh Hasina at a press conference on June 13, 2005 claimed that at least 50 criminals in cahoots with police launched the August 21 grenade attack which was organised by Khaleda Zia, Tarique, Babar, Nasiruddin and SQ Chowdhury. The criminals were given training at Dewanganj of Jamalpur.

According to an Awami League probe, she said: “After the attack, the criminals went to Singair in Natore where a petrol pump owner gave them shelter. Prior to the attack they held a series of meetinhs at Thonthonia Bazar in Bogra.”

Hasina said: “On the night of August 20, four persons wearing veils offloaded a consignment of arms from a tinted jeep in Tarique’s in law’s residence in Dhanmondi. These arms were used in the attack.”

The Awami League chief who lost hearing partially in one ear also said after the attack police fired tear gas to provide cover for the fleeing assailants.

According to a US embassy cable released by WikiLeaks, then the government failed to protect the crime scene from severe contamination while the US ATF consultants denied access to key witnesses.

Scotland Yard also had negative experience with the investigation of the attack.

Two cases — for murders and explosives — filed over the incident that killed at least 23 people are under trial now.


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