Legalise cattle smuggling from India

flagsJust before his retirement, the then BSF chief UK Bansal in November 2012 had made some observations about the Indian Border Security Force’s policies, and gave solution to the unabated killings and torture of Bangladeshi people along the border, especially of the large number of so-called cattle smugglers. The most important thing he said rationally was: “Legalise cattle trading!”

Hence, the BSF men every now and then opened fire on them – beyond international border laws that mention arresting first and then handing over the accused to a police station.

It’s also shameful that this proposal was made to stop the killing of “cattle smugglers” – under the circumstances that the victims of BSF’s extrajudicial killings were mainly the small traders for who it is a profession to only collect the cows from the Indian side, and transport them inside to reach the middlemen or wholesalers.

Read the full story on the Dhaka Tribune 


Atrocious Indian BSF kills another Bangladeshi on border


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