Rana Plaza survivors need to continue work at Oporajeo

Oporajeo workers_probir bidhanOporajeo is a knitwear and jute bag manufacturer established by Shongkolon Bangladesh Trust with the aim of providing job opportunity to the survivors of Rana Plaza disaster with least skill migration so that the victims can get back to a stable life again. Though the factory was founded in June 24, 2013 with 5 plain swing machines and 7 workers, within eight months of operation the factory currently have 46 different types of machines with 50 workers.

The factory Oporajeo is completely owned by the workers. They are paid remunerations as per Government rule. On top of that 50% of the profit is equally distributed among them. From the rest 50% of the profit, a percentage is utilized to support the workers’ children education and the rest amount is kept on bank for different operation cost. From this amount, workers can take short loan if required.

Besides providing job opportunity, the factory setup is ensuring the workers’ children education. Oporajeo also provide medical support to the workers. There are some of the workers who require long term physiotherapy. The workers take time off during the physiotherapy session and cover the hours on other time in the week. The workers also get free treatment as and when required.

Currently, the factory is facing fund crunch due to low orders, and hence, it’s become tough for the non-profitable Trust to run the activities and pay the workers regularly.

Please email to kazimh87@gmail.com to extend your support; or phone at +880 1916 809693, +880 1726 828950.


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