More inhuman acts to come

During the time of massive violence for days, it’s evident that the perpetrators won’t be tried or stopped when there’s a tough political programme. The opposition alliance is now doing that thing. Even though some central and local leaders are being held, the law enforcers and the apolitical people are the main victims of the anti-government movement which got momentum early this year.

Several hundred people were killed this year in political violence while the number of injured would be several thousand. The loss of property is yet to be assessed while the extent of fear in people has no limit.

It appears that through expressing stiff stance, the government wants to provoke the opposition in carrying out more violent acts with a plan to cut their votes since the opposition men would disgrace themselves.

Since I’m not a political element and work for the people, I’m concerned over the current situation and more concerned about the upcoming days, especially until January 5 elections.

Few minutes ago, the 18-party opposition alliance led by BNP-Jamaat announced further blockades from the first day of 2014 terming it a “peaceful” programme. They will also hold demonstrations across the country on December 31.

It should be mentioned that the government on December 29 and 30 observed “forceful blockade” to thwart the opposition’s mass rally in the capital. It also barred the opposition leader from coming out of her residence and the rally venue was cordoned by the law enforcers. The ruling government supporters also conducted stop-and-search operations on the city streets alongside the security forces, and swooped on opposition men.

Giving violence a legitimacy by the power-starved political parties is acceptable in no way. It’s also frustrating that the courts never came forward in rescuing the “people” during such crucial periods of the country.

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