Critical situation, for many

The chief election commissioner Tuesday said the ongoing violence was not triggered after the polls schedule had been announced on November 25. Opposition began fully-fledged movement against the govt in late June over the cancellation of caretaker government provision since BNP believes polls can’t be fair under AL govt-controlled Election Commission. And if the BNP can’t realise the demand, its partner Jamaat will face total destruction. AL doesn’t believe people out of politics in interim govt because of the traumatic experience in 2007-08.

So far, the opposition leadership deployed its hardline teams across the country who, in the name of protest as a constitutional right, have been creating horror in over 30 districts for the last two years during hartals and blockades. The intensity of attacks in law enforcers, AL supporters and Hindu communities, and state property was high for around six months since December last year. The situation turned worse in September as the PM decided to stay in power without dissolving parliament and worst in late November after the EC, in the middle of a scope of dialogue to reach a consensus, declared the election date, January 5.

The opposition has been successful to draw the attention of the UN and the top world powers through its violent demonstrations to stop the polls and set a new date.

They don’t allow the PM while the boss won’t move an inch.

While expressing anger, the opposition leaders are inciting the activists to create panic among people and the law enforcers. They have been successful though at the cost of people’s woes.

The opposition chief recently asked her party men to protect people’s lives and property since people are not their opponent, the govt is. She is advised by her elder son, Jamaat and other allies, 47 (49) advisers and well wishers; she is a three-time former premier! But she is inflexible. WTF!!!

The PM is another stubborn! She’s waiting for a situation when everything will come under her control, again.

A congenial atmosphere is not nearby. More peaceloving people will have to die, suffer more, though we aren’t responsible for the prevailing tense situation and those took place in the earlier years because of devilish politics! WTF!!!


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