Updated stories on COP19 from Warsaw

logo_COP19Day 1

Concrete decisions expected at COP19 in Warsaw

The 19th Conference of Parties (COP19) on climate change began on Monday in Warsaw, Poland with a hope to decide on how to support the nations vulnerable to climate change impacts before it was too late.

Also considered as the finance COP, the Warsaw meet is likely to take specific decision on the proposed Green Climate Fund (GCF), loss and damage mechanisms, compensation and adaptation funds so that those could be finalised at the Paris climate conference next year.

They also stressed that the developed nations which are mainly responsible for global warming should phase out fossil fuel gradually, adopt energy efficient technology, shift towards renewable energy and prevent greenhouse gas emissions with a view to lead the other nations towards cleaner world.

The conference may encourage ratification of the second commitment periodof the Kyoto Protocol agreed in Doha last year. Yesterday, parties held a preliminary discussion on the protocol. The issues of loss and damage and carbon trading are likely to get momentum at the meet.

Before government delegations representing groups of some 195 countries had taken part in the opening plenary session, other small groups of indigenous people, NGOs, farmers and women held meetings at the conference venue Warsaw National Stadium held under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Full story

Day 2

Bangladesh advances in climate risk index

Even though Bangladesh had been ranked as the fifth risky country to adverse climate change impacts during 1993-2012, it was not on the top 10 list as of last year, a new study says.

The Global Climate Risk Index (CRI) 2014, released on Tuesday at the UN Climate Conference in Warsaw of Poland, identifies Honduras, Myanmar, Haiti and Nicaragua to be the most affected countries in this 20-year period.

Bangladesh is followed by Vietnam and the Philippines in the index, developed by think tank Germanwatch.

It says over 815 people were killed in 242 climate change events during 1993-2012 when the country faced a loss of over $1.8bn which is equivalent to a loss of 1.16% of the GDP.

In the index of last year, Bangladesh ranked 13. Around 200 people were killed in 14 events which resulted in the economical loss of around $2.01bn or 0.66% of the GDP. Full story

Day 3

Loss and damage mechanism gets momentum at COP19

Countries vulnerable to climate change impacts, policy experts of different NGOs and campaigners are hopeful of a fruitful outcome regarding finalisation of the international institutional mechanism proposed on loss and damage yesterday.

The Group of 77 and China tabled a conference room paper on the mechanism, urging countries at the UN climate conference (COP19) to begin negotiations on the basis of that text.

Bangladesh in its observation said: “We need to respond to the increasingly adverse impacts of climate change and we need an international mechanism, a permanent solution. The humanitarian response was ad hoc and of no certainty.

“We have had long discussions since 1991 and finally we had a mandate to set up an international mechanism for loss and damage in Doha. We should engage in text discussions.”

Full story

Global-Coal-Production-2012European banks slammed for backing coal industry

Two Polish private banks – Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and PKO Bank Polski – have been identified to be on the dirty list of banks that are heating up the globe, damaging the environment and hurting local communities, a new report says.

German environmental organisation Urgewald, the international BankTrack network, the CEE Bankwatch Network and the Polish Green Network said this on Wednesday in a preview to the publication of the report “Banking on Coal – Undermining our Climate” to be released on Friday during the UN Climate Summit in Warsaw.

The report explores the financing of nine major coal mining hot spots in the world by 89 international private banks from 2005 to mid-2013, among them Central Europe – covering Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

According to the report, Goldman Sachs is the top financier of the coal mining industry in Central Europe. It is followed by Citi, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and ING. Polish banks BGK and PKO Bank Polski are in the top 10 for lending.

Full story

Day 4

Polish government, campaigners at loggerheads over energy policy

Day 5

Rich governments blocking progress, say COP19 observers

Day 6

Developed countries blamed for chocking COP19 progress

Day 7

‘Governments should go for sustainable energy sources’

Day 8

Green Climate Fund moves forward

Day 9

Bangladesh disappointed, but still hopeful

Lighthouse activities honoured at COP19

Day 10

NGOs quit COP19 as ‘no progress’ seen

Day 11

Climate talks at risk of delivering nothing

COP19 yields small; some issues unclear

Nations ‘dishonoured’ for shaming climate issues

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