Callousness over Rampal power plant, and cruelty

Painter: Dhiman Sarkar
Painter: Dhiman Sarkar

They started work on awarding India a job of building and operating coal power plants back in early 2010 – soon after the prime minister signed a 55-point joint communique with Manmohan Singh including the one involving power sector cooperation.

No protests were there about the agreements until early 2011 when the PDB held a meeting with environment department and was criticised for selecting the Rampal site disregarding the Sundarbans and considering only low cost of coal transportation.

Some retard people realised the consequences this year when the DoE started speaking in the same tone of the PDB and the energy adviser. But still, the DoE had to bow down to the government’s intention.

Later, the forest department and shipping ministry raised their concerns over the project. Who cares!

The government also refused to follow a High Court ruling that stayed any activity of the project. It amounts to contempt, but since it was the government, the court did not say anything. Two more public interest petitions were filed later. But the court did not hold a hearing.

The project EIA was rejected by the green campaigners in a public hearing in April, and the activists and environmental organisations formed a public platform ‘National Committee for Saving the Sundarbans.”

Another National Committee which campaigns to Protect Oil, Gas, Energy, Power and Ports declared long march programme towards Rampal with a view to aware people about the plant’s consequences.

Now hundreds of people have joined the long march who were unfortunately either reluctant or ignorant about the project work. Well, they have realised, though late, and joined the long march that began on Tuesday.

But the Awami League supporters have gone crazy now given the size of participants and the media coverage. Even the Indian newspapers have now been covering the long march developments. So the government has announced its plan to install another 1,320MW plant at the same site.

I can’t see what the Indian High Commission people are doing now, but can imagine 😉

As a common consequence, the long march activists are supposed to be obstructed by police, administration and Awami League supporters just before reaching Rampal. Even Section 144 may be imposed.

Oh, for your information, the great Bangladesh Army personnel are there at the project site now doing the landfiling job!

Is it necessary that development must be done by destroying the environment and disrupting public life? Whatever you say to argue, I label it as a “crime.”

DoE defends approval of EIA for Sundarbans coal plant

Fighting for the survival of the Sundarbans


One thought on “Callousness over Rampal power plant, and cruelty

  1. sourav

    economic policies of indian govt. are pro-industrialists. Just like rampal project, many more such ‘development’ programs are going on in india. Uttarakhand tragedy was only one of such horrible outcomes. People from all over the world must unite againest these againest people policies.


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