Write your opinion on National Environment Policy 2013 online

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The draft National Environment Policy 2013 is still open for online review. The environment and forest ministry has prepared the proposal and will allow public opinion for several more days.

The document is accessible on the website of Department of Environment (DoE). DOWNLOAD FROM HERE!!! Read it and give your valuable opinion.

After gathering and analysing the opinions, the DoE would finalise the policy. It was uploaded on the website in early August.

The proposed policy says it will replace the old one of 1992 since the form of degradation of environment and ecology has changed while climate change requires a larger concentration. In this circumstance, sustainable conservation and development is needed besides ensuring better disaster management.

The proposal states that it will reflect the issues of conservation of environment and biodiversity in line with the basic principles of the country’s constitution.

Moreover, it will be treated as a comprehensive policy for conservation and development, and will coordinate all the environment-related issues mentioned in other national policies.

The amendment proposal covers wide range of issues: land use in plains and hilly areas, water resources management, air quality, pollution, food and drinking water, agriculture, forest management, biosafety, hilly ecosystems, coastal and marine ecosystem, ecotourism, health, accommodation and urbanisation, fisheries and livestock, industrialisation, energy resources, transport and communications, education and mass awareness,  population, climate change, disaster management, science-research-ICT, economic development.

It also specifies how the plans would be implemented in association with different ministries and government agencies.

Bangladesh is pledge-bound to ensure follow 30 environment-related conventions and agreements it had accepted, adopted or accessed over the years.

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  1. At the moment, I am not in a position to pass any opinion on national environment policy 2013 but can straight way say that there is heaven & hell difference between policy and practice. The situation is alarming and deteriorating day by day.


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