Yes, no doubt, in this present chaotic political and socio-economic condition, the communication between the top two leaders was a must. I must thank them as I was happy to hear Hasina telling the BBC that door for dialogue was open, and few days later, Khaleda withdrawing hartal upon call from the premier. And responding to her call for a return – initiatives for a dialogue – was accepted by Hasina who warmly told her arch-rival at a party forum [through the media] that they could sit anywhere-anytime, better if in parliament.

The opposition chief in the last four years have played many cards to force the govt share some benefits with it, but had failed till Thursday.

However, the reaction from the BNP spokesperson, also an advisor to Khaleda, [through media] was not made accordingly: sure we’ll talk, give us the specific agenda and assure us of reinstating caretaker govt, we’ll. It was enough to spoil the chance.

However, the AL seemed to be firm on its stance over a dialogue, and so its general secretary replied [through media] maintaining the PM’s stance. He said the party would finalise preparation for dialogues within a day or two.

The troublemakers are in trouble now.