Dhaka-siege, Bangabhaban take over etc to mark May 5 demo by Hefazat

The Hefazat men are desperate for another show down to prove that they are a valuable product to be auctioned in the political arena ahead of the next general elections and to be used as an instrument against the Shahbagh movement that continues pressure on the government and the anti-liberation forces to complete the ongoing trial of identified war criminals.

Encouraged by the huge support in the long-march by the pious Muslims and those political cadres from the Jamaat-Shibir, BNP and Ershad’s Jatiya Party, Hefazat gave the govt one month to realise its 13-point demands, until May 5, and threatened from the Motijheel rally with what not if otherwise. The speeches of Hefazat leaders often go beyond manner, rationale, and seditious when they term the Shahbagh protesters and the premier atheist, threatens to take over Bangabhaban, the president’s house, and say the Constitution would be replaced by Quran from May 6 under the authority of Hefazat chief Shafi, also principal of Hathazari Madrasa.

Even though in its protests against the atheist bloggers, who allegedly demeaned Islam, Hefazat gained much attention, it later became controversial because of the inclusion of Islamist leaders from different political parties, mostly those from the 18-party opposition alliance. Moreover, its aggressive approach has been refused by many ordinary Muslims who don’t like religion mingled with politics.

Meanwhile, when Hefazat realises that it is impossible in the present term to compel the govt meet its demands, it has started shamelessly campaigning for the elections saying that they’d support a party which will meet the demands!

Hasina has termed Hefazat activities audacious while the ministers say it is backed by Jamaat-Shibir. The claims have evidence since the supporters of Jamaat-Shibir are openly campaigning for Hefazat programmes–ironically, Hefazat claims they’re die-hard anti-Jamaat and wants the war crimes trial, but never demanded punishment neither incorporated in their 13 points! It, however, demands the release of Amar Desh acting editor Mahmudur Rahman who by publishing blogposts derogatory to Islam and Prophet told the Islamists to rise against Shahbagh.

The police and the paramilitary force BGB have been kept on alert.

Other Islamist parties and groups have stood against Hefazat and have been campaigning to aware people about the political agenda of Hefazat.

Who is gonna fight the unnecessary battle then? Will Hefazat stop and realise that they’re trapped?

I think yes, because pious people don’t like politics and political people can’t be pious!



  1. The Hefajat leader on condition of anonymity later said: “He was supposed to come and ask us to leave peacefully. But some opposition leaders communicated with several close leaders of our chief and gave a message that it was better for him not to come to the rally to end it.”
    A series of moves were taken from the government side to pursue Ahmed Shafi to go to Motijheel and make the call for departure of his hundreds of followers, but until late night all efforts went in vain.
    A highly placed source said Shafi was on his way to Motijheel in the afternoon on a “red jeep with black window” but he made a U-turn from Palashi area after getting a phone call from a top opposition leader who threatened him that the ties between Hefajat and the opposition would permanently end if he moved further towards Motijheel and ask his followers to leave the place.
    Another Hefajat leader, however, said Shafi did not go to Motijheel as he was feeling “insecure”.



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