Inhuman, I can only say!

condolenceThe recent deaths in an eight-storey Savar building are not new and not unusual at all, to the people and also the head of government, the prime minister, who recently said very in parliament – sportingly or carelessly – that 90% of the country’s buildings were not made following the rules.

The recent accidents in workplaces, mainly the golden egg RMG sector, claimed lives of hundreds of labourers and it’s still counting, at a higher pace thanks to the government’s pro-business mindset.

The owners’ class has ever been showing reluctance to treat their employees – poor working class people – as human beings and helping hands who work relentlessly in worse and risky conditions to fill the owner’s pocket, and even one woman survives six days under the rubles of a  faulty Rana Plaza, owned by ruling party-backed millionaire.

Apart from the political and business communities, the construction contractors and the government agencies entitled to monitor the activities especially presence of functional safety measures.

The other significant drawback of our country is the bias and inefficient security forces and judiciary – the last resort of the victims to demand JUSTICE.

Though it seems that the current scenario is the result of an ever-persistent class struggle, it’s actually a war between the human and the inhuman!


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