Another life might be there, still

Accounts of two rescuers: VIDEO

Private television channel Somoy TV reports from the eight-storey Rana Plaza roof at 6am local time that the fire fighters and volunteers were working for over an hour to rescue a female garment worker trapped on the second floor.

She was traced around 4:30am when the army and fire service personnel were carrying out massive operation with hydraulic cranes in the back side of the building.

The woman was spotted as the rescuers heard her groaning and reached close through a hole made from the roof in the front side of the building.

It’s an amazing incident for all who have been waiting eagerly for the survivors since the tragic incident took place on Wednesday morning.

So far, 398 people, mostly female workers of five garment factories housed in the faulty building, have reportedly been killed till 6:30am local time when 2444 people have been rescued from the rubles and over 1,000 still missing.

Another fire official at around 6:45am, however, turned down any possibility of finding any survivor, but said one might be alive only still, miraculously!

Till 10am, one Shahana was alive when the rescuers were trying to bring her out of the debris, but a sudden fire from gas cylinder blast failed the efforts to save her since Sunday morning.

I salute your strength and optimism my poor comrades.


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