blackoutNow it’s going to be a genuine trouble for the government to stay “indifferent” over Jamaat-ban issue. Even though the Shahbagh Gonojagoron Moncho leadership has been soft in declaring programmes and on Tuesday declared new programmes to realise the demand for a ban on Jamaat, including submission of a memorandum to the prime minister on April 4 morning, the 21 other organisations differed and announced tougher demo — a march towards the PMO and laying siege to the office at 11am that day. Reports say the Gonojagoron Moncho expressed solidarity with the “March Towards PMO”.

Such dilemma and disagreement have been seen at the Shahbagh movement since the first night when the Bloggers and Online Activists Network (BOAN) leaders, who initiated the first demo on February 5, called off the first night programmes at 3am and declared a 4-hour break without consulting others. The BOAN top brass repeated this later too, by cancelling the non-stop sit-in at Shahbagh and declaring a 7-hour routine protest on February 14; many protesters but those BOAN activists stayed and the next evening, the sit-in resumed officially again after the killing of blogger-architect Ahmed Razib Haider. The mass gathering at Shahbagh and elsewhere in the country also opposed to the BOAN’s giving the government over a month to ban Jamaat-Shibir. The Shahbagh intersection was left open on February 21 after the leadership decided to spread the movement in different corners of the capital and in the divisional headquarters.

The latest aggravation [temporary] arises as the BOAN personnel have showed a similar “soft approach” towards the authorities despite the govt’s indifference to outlaw Jamaat with a view to stop the ongoing atrocities being undertaken by the radical Islamist party.

Activists of the 21 organisations were prepared Tuesday to hear something soft from Imran H Sarkar, spokesperson of the Gonojagoron Moncho, as they experienced earlier. They had preliminary meetings among themselves in the last two days to work out the tougher programme alternatives.

I, like the 21 organisations and million other people, won’t like to see the govt dillydallying over the issue like before as it could already ban Jamaat through an executive order for carrying out criminal activities in the name of protesting against the verdict of international crimes tribunals in the light of several existing laws.

It should be mentioned that the spokesperson Tuesday slammed the government for delaying in giving the much expected and rational announcement, and requested the prime minister to consider the spirit of Shahbagh.

Two groups — Shaheed Rumi Squad and Dhaka University Chhatra Odhikar Moncho — have already started hunger strike from Tuesday night.

Waiting, waiting, waiting…!!!