Aljazeera’s acting as Jamaat mouthpiece; Shahbagh firm

Screenshot of March 2 story
Screenshot of March 2 story

Well! With the course of time, we’re realising that some international media including Aljazeera and The Economist, some rights groups like the HRWAmnesty International and some highly-ranked govt officials of foreign countries don’t like the incumbent Awami League-led alliance govt, neither do I. But our (me & those opponent media) point of conflict or dislike against this kinda autocrat govt isn’t the same, rather opposite. [Note: HRW today for the first time asked Jamaat topbrass to show restrain, also the govt]

To be precise, you the western media apparently are running stories and statements on Bangladesh incidents considering in mind the war crimes trial issue and have always been shouting for JUSTICE for the defendants who are identified war criminals while some of them are self-proclaimed. Sometimes you also mention the facts of the 1971 Liberation War, I appreciate your journalistic views, but also feel sorry as your correspondents don’t cover the countrywide atrocities but only the capital city.

Even though the United Nations recently identified several flaws in the tribunal’s proceedings, on Friday said something positive and constructive. The US on Friday said that violence was never an answer.

Well, it doesn’t matter. Many other news media are exposing the crude face of Jamaat-Shibir.

One more thing, I would mention: Aljazeera has been a mouthpiece of the Jamaat’s war crimes suspects. It’s also observing the trial process from a very close place so that the loopholes are exposed. That’s good. But doing it smartly would help you regain the image you gained earlier among the well-educated Bangladeshis. Would you tell me something: Why don’t you advise or suggest measures for stability and what legal process could be taken against Jamaat since this party and its media are running provocative reports every day against the tribunal and the Shahbagh Movement? The people’s mass uprising [not of the pro-govt supporters] has entered its 27th day Sunday. 

On Saturday’s video post on Aljazeera you mentioned wrongly Jamaat as the MAIN OPPOSITION PARTY in the intro. Don’t you know that Jamaat is a key ally of the MAIN OPPOSITION BNP which leads an 18-party alliance? You could also have discovered this alternation of leadership of the alliance as we, the people, since Friday think that BNP has become an associate body of the Jamaat which has been spending billions of dollars to impede the trials. The efforts are on because all the top war criminals are at the helm of Jamaat or are influential Muslim leaders. Once proved, they won’t be able to do business with politics and Islam.

Even though you mentioned that the trail has created controversy instead of stabilising the political arena (so lame you are), I don’t find it astonishing since every one in this country are afraid of Jamaat-Shibir for their terrific brand image, and we took it for granted that these DEMONS could do anything to save their existence, even if it goes against the norms of democracy and the philosophies of Islam.

In your very typically-written article, the second para starts with: “For the past four weeks, thousands of Bangladeshis have occupied Shahbag Square to call for the harshest possible sentences – including the death penalty – for senior Jamaat leaders, figures who supported Pakistan against the pro-independence movement 40 years ago.” 

Here you’ve mentioned that SHAHBAGH demands DEATH PENALTY for only the senior Jamaat leaders! I wonder what a stupid correspondent you do have! Tell him to collect a leaflet or handout found at the Shahbagh media cell which specifically describe the demands. Let me help you:

The SIX-POINT demands of OCCUPY SHAHBAGH (Gonojagoron Moncho):

1. Maximum penalty for all war criminals including Quader Molla.

2. Ensuring equal legal rights of defendant and prosecution, ensuring 3-month time limit on all trials [demands met], abolishing clemency power of the state for these trials.

3. Banning Jamaat-Shibir, which opposed Bangladesh’s independence struggle and committed war crimes, and arresting immediately and bring to book its activists for creating anarchy and threatening a civil war. Identify them through television footage and newspaper photographs.

4. Bring all the political parties, forces, individuals and organisations who are trying to safeguard these war criminals, impeding the war crime trials and conspiring with them.

5. Arrest and bring to book all the war criminals, who were either convicted or undergoing trial till their release on December 31, 1975.

6. Ban all the business, social and cultural organisations like Islami Bank, Ibn Sina, Focus-Retina Coaching, etc. Block all the local and foreign sources of income of Jamaat-Shibir. Shutdown war criminal-owned media organisations like Diganta TV, daily Naya Diganta, daily Amar Desh, daily Sangram for spreading propaganda and provoking anarchy.

Your correspondent has also narrated it wrongly or you’ve edited it in a way that it looks funny in some places which is also unexpected from a renowned news media like yours. “It has not helped that one of Bangladesh’s most important newspapers has propagated the idea that the protesters are atheists who are against Islam.”

Here you indicated the above mentioned media which claim that all those protesters in Shahbagh and elsewhere, demanding DEATH PENALTY of razakars, are atheists and therefore, against Islam. Is it that simple? A similar statement was issued by Jamaat few days ago. And with those words, you’ve tried to endorse the murder of a Shahbagh protester as it’s done by the Shibir supporters.

Those newspapers are read only by the opposition supporters and the govt people for keeping records. Unfortunately, they don’t have any English newspapers, and so they’re taking the scope of publishing yellow-reports demeaning the values of Islam and journalism.

Blogger Ahmed Razib Haider (nick Thaba Baba) — who was an atheist and could have written some blogs that are subject to objection — was an activist of Shahbagh Movement. But a day after his murder on February 15, Shibir’s online activists spread a WORDPRESS blogsite having the same username and title he had used in his Facebook and community blogging sites and Within two days, it was proved that the wordpress site came into operation the night Razib was killed in front of his house in Mirpur.  There were 19 posts containing matters seriously harmful for any Muslim. But despite its sensitivity, within two days, the Inqilab and the Amar Desh published most of the posts, highlighted! It’s nothing but dirty politics and so far I know, serious crime as per the Islamic rules. And the consequence was obvious — a blind outburst by around 12 radical Islamist parties provoked by the newspaper and the Jamaat men, and deaths of scores. The pro-Jamaat news media also hurls abusive towards the women coming to express solidarity with the protesters branding them as prostitutes and the youth “marijuana smokers”. These boys’ achievement in  bringing millions together has raised the eyebrows of all the opposition party leaders that they have been blamed to have taken MONEY and food as bribes! The truth is that many pro-liberation individuals have been donating for Shahbagh spontaneously.

Good news is: detectives have captured five students of posh North South University at Dhaka in connection with the killing after following them for a couple of days. They have been taken on a seven-day remand. However, unfortunately, the govt is yet to take any steps against the two newspapers.

Yes, both the protesters’ groups have some demands, but did you check which is legitimate?

And YES! All the TV channels but Diganta TV, Islamic TV, My TV and NTV are pro-liberation while the names of pro-Jamaat newspapers are mentioned earlier. So over 15 TV channels are against Jamaat-Shibir and the number of Bangla and English national dailies — but those owned by Jamaat leaders — would be no less than 30, an unfavourable situation for Jamaat-Shibir and the BNP.

By the way, why have you stopped the Live Stream on #Shahbagh #Shahbag? 

The main opposition BNP chief yesterday too was slammed by millions of Bangladeshis as she again in public spoke foul over Shahbagh, denounced Jamaat-police clashes and defended Jamaat’s vandalism by blaming that the govt is carrying out (GENOCIDE!!!). She didn’t condemn the atrocities but thrashed the govt for firing on PEACEFUL (!!!) PROTESTS. Shame!

On Saturday night, Jamaat-Shibir supporters backed by the BNP were rioting across the country. They look like are engaged in a war against the state and the pro-liberation people and attacking them, while the other side is demanding LEGAL ACTION against the perpetrators for resorting to violence deliberately. Miscreants have set afire to three bogies of an intercity train in Rajshahi station. Meanwhile, over 20,000 tourists have been stranded in Cox’s Bazar sea beach as the highway has been snapped for over 24 hours.

Sunday-Tuesday is hartal — first two days by Jamaat and the other by BNP. Indian president Pranab Mukherjee will land in Dhaka at 12:30pm Sunday, first time after becoming the president.

The govt today will file the petition against Quader Mollah verdict.

But we’re hopeful. Please have some hope about Bangladesh and give the people of Bangladesh some relief from these DEMONS by doing objective journalism and acknowledging the OCCUPY SHAHBAGH movement which is first time in over two decades. The protesters are still occupying Shahbagh and will hold a Mass Rally at the Old Dhaka’s Bahadur Shah Park area with a view to engage more people with the movement.


  • In response to a question on protests in Bangladesh, the Deputy Spokesperson said that the Secretary-General is monitoring the situation with concern and is saddened by the loss of life. While recognising that the war crime tribunal is a national process, the Secretary-General calls on all concerned to act with respect for the rule of law, to stop the violence and to express their views peacefully.
  • Asked about reports that journalists were being harassed in Bangladesh, the Deputy Spokesperson said that the Secretary-General had repeatedly affirmed the right of journalists everywhere to go about their work without interference.

Violence not the answer, says US

The United States of America has expressed concern over the recent atrocities unleashed by the Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Chhatra Shibir activists after party leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee was awarded death sentence by the International Crimes Tribunal-1.
Deputy spokesperson of the US State Department, Patrick Ventrell voiced his concerns at a a regular press briefing on Friday evening (local time) in Washington DC. “Engaging in a peaceful protest is a fundamental democratic right; we believe violence is never the answer. We encourage all Bangladeshis to peacefully express their views, and we welcome peaceful efforts by the Government of Bangladesh to help calm the situation.”
Ventrell expressed hopes that Bangladeshis would voice their views peacefully and that the government would take peaceful steps to calm the situation.Earlier, State Department (South and Middle Asia) spokesperson Emilly J Horn expressed spoke views to to a query, Ventrel said they believed it was very important to try those who committed war crimes and resorted to barbarism. These trials must be held in a free, neutral, and transparent manner and be consistent with Bangladesh’s obligations under the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights.When asked whether Bangladesh sought help from the US over the on-going protests demanding execution of war criminals, Ventrell said “Not that I know of”.



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