Responding to Economist article on Sayedee verdict

economist mar 1The story came on March 1, a day after the verdict in Deilya Sayedee razakar case was handed down highlighting the police-fire and the loopholes of the tribunal. I had to write something:

Jamaat is no follower or preacher of ISLAM, but power through muscle and money. Moreover, as the “top” collaborators of Pakistan army, the Jamaat leaders must face DEATH PENALTY, BNP’s SQ Chy and Abdul Alim too, for the heinous acts they had done in 1971 in the name of ISLAM. They just abuse the religion. And the shameless BNP has ever been assisting the Jamaat collaborators to enjoy impunity. WE’RE AGAINST THIS and demanding a DEATH PENALTY so that these 1971 culprits can’t be released later upon the presidential pardon. WE’VE EMOTION FOR THE VICTIMS, NOT THE KILLERS!

The opposition of Shahbagh over the so-called atheist issue is also a hoax since none could find and establish a second name after blogger Razib, killed on Feb 15th. His atheist identity was never public before his gruesome murder. Those who planned the killing on Sonar Bangla blog, operated by Shibir, hailed the news and a day after, a wordpress blogsite was revealed by them under the name of Thaba Baba, blog name of Razib. BNP-Jamaat’s newspaper Amar Desh and daily Inqilab published the blogposts derogatory to ISLAM and the Prophet, showing a political move, not journalistic at all. Within the next couple of days, the Islamist parties in the opposition alliance instigated and led by Jamaat-Shibir came out on the streets of Dhaka and elsewhere to protest against Shahbagh when several processions wanted to march to Shahbagh to carry out attacks. NONE of the opposition wants to think rationally that the site was not Razib’s — already proved by some media — and that there’re no other atheists who are blaming Islam because want an issue to thwart the largest rally in two decades. Yes, we all are against Jamaat-e-Islami, a party which has not right to claim itself a follower and preacher of Islam.

It’s true that because of the Occupy Shahbagh movement, the govt is getting an advantage, but no prominent local media is ignoring or killing any other major stories of these days. Don’t worry you anti-AL people, the collaborators in the AL, and the govt too won’t be speared for the misdeeds it’s done including corruption, crime and nepotism! Let’s complete the war crimes exam, then we’ll go for the other top issues.

জামায়াত-শিবিরের নানামুখী আক্রমন ও তার জবাব


Sayedee to be hanged

Sayedee Verdict Thursday, #Shahbagh to resist hartal


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