#SHAHBAGH: Here rises the 21st sun against war criminals

Photo of first evening @shahbagh 6:58pm Feb 5
Photo of first evening @shahbagh 6:58pm Feb 5

Shahbagh passes its 20th day in slogans-songs-dance to press home their six-point demands that include appealing against the verdict in Quader Mollah case and immediate ban of Jamaat-Shibir.

But Sunday night, they expressed their frustration over no progress in arresting Amar Desh acting editor Mahmudur Rahman, also a senior BNP leader and a close aide of Jamaat, within the 24hr deadline for publishing blasphemous blogposts and spreading propaganda against the nation’s new generation uprising in Shahbagh. The deadline has been extended till 3:00pm Monday when the protesters will hold a RALLY at Mirpur-10 intersection.

A press conference would be held at 6:30pm Tuesday to brief media on the “blasphemous” propaganda spread by Jamaat-Shibir and the fundamentalist Islami party activists, daily Inqilab and Amar Desh.

Officially, the OCCUPY was first called off Thursday night, a day before the atrocities, but some 200 protesters didn’t leave the place. Different programmes at Shahbagh and in different places were declared from the stage to aware more people. Only the main coordinators left for home that night, but they returned the next afternoon along with thousand others to resist the radical Islamists and Jamaat-Shibir who on Friday demeaned the Baitul Mokarram, Shaheed Minar and flag, and demolished the SOLIDARITY SHAHBAGH stages in different districts. The militants, also branded as terrorists, carried out targeted attacks on journalists for covering the Shahbagh movement event and instigated police by throwing brickbats, shoes and HANDBOMBS. Around 11:30pm Sunday night, coordinator of OCCUPY SHAHBAGH called off the day’s possession on the intersection. The sheds on the street towards TSC are not removed where some protesters are staying over.

Around 1am Monday, a fire at the Amar Ekushey Boi Mela, the largest book fair, broke out ravaging around 40 outlets of creative books when 27 publishers have been affected. Jagriti Prokashoni owner said quoting security guards that 8-10 handbombs were heard just before the fire was visible. Another source claims gun powder was used to burn down the book stalls. Everyone is pointing finger at Jamaat-Islamists parties who are carrying out series of attacks for the last couple of months against the war crimes tribunal.

I, as a pro-liberation citizen, want to see three things done FAST: expulsion of Mahmudur Rahman from his position in the disputed newspaper-his arrest-legal measures against Inqilab editor for publishing the derogatory blogposts, filing the appeal in the Supreme Court and BANNING Jamaat-Shibir.

The participants of the OCCUPY SHAHBAGH, DHAKA also want to see presence of political leaders on the stage for the shortest possible time. I’m ekdom fed up! Let’s see only the NEW FACES who will press the government hard from the frontline to realise the demands.

Moreover, the ongoing cyber warfare is heating up Facebook posts, pages and groups; tweets on #Shahbagh; international news posts on #Shahbagh, Bangladesh and Jamaat; Bangla and English blogs. The protesters are getting organised day by day to keep up the fighting, which the Shibir technicians started long ago.

During the day’s countrywide shutdown, four people were killed in a Manikganj upazila as police fired on hartal supporters. Violence erupted in several other districts. From Chittagong, police arrested Farabi for threatening the Imam who conducted janaza of blogger Ahmed Razib Haider who was brutally killed by fundamentalists on Feb 15, for taking part in Shahbagh movement and allegedly running a WordPress blogsite containing blasphemous texts. Identify them, bring them to book and hand down exemplary punishment for the serious crime they have committed under the constitution and also by violating the path of Islam.

Meanwhile, abusive words and propaganda have still being committed by the anti-liberation forces in BNP-Jamaat, journalists, bloggers and Islamists linked with mosques, madrasas and media. Terming all the protesters, mainly the frontliners, of SHAHBAGH “athiests”, who demeaned Islam, the fanatics are trying to creat pressure against the war crimes trials and the process to ban Jamaat-Shibir.

These activities clearly show that these people, even though they claim themselves to be Islamic clerics and followers of Prophet Mohammad! These dirty people are criticising Shahbagh every day, and like DEVILS are planning how to impede the people’s voice and destroy their unity.

But none would be able to stop these pro-liberation citizens who hate the razakars and their friends. LONG LIVE SHAHBAGH!

Quotes and Feedback:

“Jamaat will be banned within the present govt’s tenure” – Go to HELL you lousy little bastard!

“Only Jamaat will be banned now through due process, not the other Islamist parties”Well you’ve already taken 17 years to do the first task and haven’t cancel the “state religion” provision yet.

“It depends on the High Court order on a petition filed in 2009, it could be discharged in two weeks”Ban NOW exploiting special powers.

“The petition should be discharged first, or it’d give a wrong impression that the govt has no confidence on the High Court order”What the hell have you done in the last four years? What did the judge do in the last thousand days?

“It’s an executive decision that needed to be taken politically, banning upon court order won’t result in any good”Well said! BAN JAMAAT-SHIBIR NOW!!!



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