#SHAHBAGH RE-OCCUPIED; fear-confusions arise

The principle participants of OCCUPY SHAHBAGH left the place early Friday as they declared new programmes, no more NON-STOP AGITATION, but different events outside the intersection aiming at spreading the movement across the country–something like that has already been taking place in over 20 districts. They also set the govt lenient deadlines to try Jamaat as a poitical party for its involvement in war crimes — a fact that is mentioned by the International Crimes Tribunal, banning Jamaat and discharging appeal procedure against Quader Mollah fast among their six-point demands.

The call made by Imran H Sarker, convenor of Blogger and Onine Activists Network (BOAN) and coordinator of the all-party steering committee of the historic PROTEST, drew flack, created disappointment among many — the other leaders of left student bodies on the Mass Rally stage were frustrated and the groups spreading on the street towards TSC were disappointed too.

By 1am Friday the square was made clean and it was opened for traffic. But the small groups stayed, until 4am, when only some 50 protesters were hovering at Shahbagh.

The scenario changed at around 7am when a group of around 100 youths–mostly bloggers and college & varsity students. There were some street people too who started chanting slogans for death penalty of all war criminals, and an immediate ban on Jamaat. Some joggers and office-goers stopped by, and were confused.

Police and another small group, reportedly some pro-govt youths, tried to convince them to leave the intersection. But of no avail. Then police put barricade again in the four sides and are now watching from a corner what the PROTESTERS wanna do.

These boys aren’t gonna compromise, they say. They’ll stay here at SHAHBAGH.

In a hillarious revealation, teacher in US Ragib Hasan tweets a screenshot of Jamaat website, a statement issued on Victory Day 2012 where it said Jamaat with other Islamist parties formed razakar, al-badr, al-shams who committed genocide. For details read the previous post.

The protesters left the square at 12 and took position in front of national museum.

Meanwhile, Islamist parties are gathering at Baitul Mukarram national mosque in processions. They are set to stage a demo after zuma prayers for which police haven’t given them permission. The intelligence yesterday spread that there could be massive violence from Friday to onwards, which I think is the reason why the BOAN called off the NON-STOP OCCUPATION AT SHAHBAGH after 17 days.


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