#OCCUPY #SHAHBAGH continues as Jamaat still violent

They just can’t stand the mass uprising in Shahbagh and elsewhere in the country, an usual consequence, because it’s nothing but going against their party — Jamaat-Shibir! And it has happened several times this month that the Jamaat-Shibir launched premeditated attacks on police and general people to compel the government to stop the ongoing war crimes trial.

They attacked police and vandalised vehicles on some parts of Dhaka City and in several district towns yesterday; they, however, continued such activities today bullying the spirited mass gatherings and the police force deployed with special instruction.

Well, it generally means that the Jamaat-Shibir goons aren’t afraid of the “general people” — those without political or business influence, and that they don’t care police at all. The first thing comes due to the people’s not having “money & muscle” and for not being “well-organised” while recent incidents suggest that police are either not interested to go tough on police or they are afraid of Jamaat-Shibir attacks.

It’s still astonishing that the attackers took to the Dhaka streets today — for the second consecutive day. At the same time, it’s nothing sudden, but very evident since it’s now become a “matter of existence” for the Islamist party, and so they’re creating panic out of “panic”!

Whatever they’re doing or planning to do, the gatherings at Shahbagh and in the other places are not likely to go mum out of fear because they’re not anymore afraid of the violent Jamaat.

Even after yesterday’s violence and police’s action, these fanatics came out thanks to the govt’s go-slow policy.

But the govt claims it doesn’t.

Today, the bill to amend the International Crimes Tribunal Act has been placed in parliament. It might be passed as law tomorrow after the standing committee on law ministry submits its report before the House. Well, hopefully the appeal would be filed on Sunday — first working day of next week.

And at that time, the BNP is behaving like a shameless-dirty razakar.

Good news is, today the National Press Club has cancelled the membership of Muhammad Kamaruzzaman and Abdul Quader Mollah while the Election Commission has planned to sit Thursday to decide on the registration of Jamaat as a political party.

The govt will be able to evade much hassle if it directs the court from behind the scene to deliver the verdict in Sayedee case within the next couple of days so that the Awami League govt — already in a vulnerable position for widespread corruption and irregularities — doesn’t have to fight Jamaat-Shibir-BNP face-to-face. It’s got the PEOPLE who are ready to sacrifice their time, labour, money and even their priceless lives to ensure that the Pakistan-lovers are all tried and punished properly.

Will the protests stop before Sunday? Will the protestors leave SHAHBAGH and other spots across the country? Nope! If my brother falls sick or threatened, my sister will keep the place OCCUPIED. Thanks to our parents and seniors for joining the gatherings and encourage us.


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