Seventh night ends in #SHAHBAGH with frustration, violence follows

The main opposition BNP shamelessly termed the SHAHBAGH protest a stage-managed event of the govt. The Jamaat-ally also asked the protestors to raise the other significant issues too.

It was the last incident of the 7th night to put the protestors into fury. Until 2am Tuesday, people joined the gathering with enthusiasm and at 6am, there were around 500 people at SHAHBAGH.

Earlier in the day, Everest conquirers MA Muhit and Nishat Majumder, drama artistes, politicians expressed solidarity. But the processions of school and college students in uniforms joing the protest caught the eyes of all.

In the morning, the draft ICT Act Bill was approved by the CABINET for a passage in parliament to ensure equal rights to appeal against a tribunal’s verdict. The bill will be placed in parliament today. It will then be sent to the standing committee on the ministry concerned for vetting, and likely to be passed tomorrow, hopefully.

In addition, the govt has appointed two members in the prosecution team.

Meanwhile, Jamaat on Monday declared a protest rally at Baitul Mukarram mosque gate for Tuesday afternoon and threatened a shutdown if barred! How outrageous!!!

And the most condemnable incident is, Jamaat-Shibir activists, as part of their protest processions across the country, launched violent attacks in police and private vehicles in Karwan Bazar when two cops were wounded this noon. In Motijheel, they charged 15-20 handbombs and fired at police.


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