#SHAHBAGH passes fifth night over war crimes trial

Shahbagh protestors witness another morning on the streets under the open sky on Sunday–sixth day in a row since February 5 afternoon to protest against the life term of butcher ABDUL QUADER MOLLAH, the Jamaat assistant secretary general. The agitating people want Quader be given CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for the heinious acts he had committed during the 1971 War of Liberation.

There have been around 800 people who passed the fifth night on the street stretching from Shahbagh intersection to Fine Arts Faculty building. The number was over 3000 the previous night because of the GRAND RALLY in that afternoon when over 200000 people gathered at the city centre to express solidarity over the one cause — DEATH PENALTY for WAR CRIMES!

On Thursday, many politicians came to Shahbagh in support, but three senior leaders of the Awami League were rejected by the protestors when they took the microphones in hand.

The GRAND RALLY was a significant portrait of the people’s minds when the organisers read out the main text with pledges to work to free the country from RAZAKARS, ensuring capital punishment of the war criminals, and banning Jamaat and pro-Jamaat institutions, busisnesses and products.

The SHAHBAGH protests were replicated in over 20 district towns and many upazilas.

On Saturday, the mass rally in Chittagong barred Jamaat from observing the hartal they called in the city.

Protests were held outside Bangladesh too, in UK, Sweden and Canada.

Long live local newspapers and TV channels as they are vastly covering the PROTESTS while journalists, columists and experts are writing opinions on the war crimes issue and the protests. The international media started running stories on the issue from Thursday even though they have correspondents in the city.

Well, the Jamaat has ever been maintaining lobby to save its leaders from being executed! On Friday, the UN said Bangladesh needed to follow the law to ensure a fair trial at the tribunal mentioning about the proceedings in Bacchu Razakar’s case and puttibg an objection at death penalty. The report was conducted by two independent experts under the assisgnment of the UNHCR.

Sometimes I wonder don’t those favouring the Jamaat — BNP, 16 oppoaition parties, some academicians, some local journalists, doctors, police, detectives, army, international HRW-Economist-US Senate members — know or read history of our struggle for freedom? How shameless they demand JUSTICE for ATTACKERS not victims!

Notably, Kolkata Bangla singer Kabir Sumon has composed a song GONODABI and gifted it to the Shahbagh people in solidarity. Joining of the TIGERS in the SHAHBAGH Protest due today.

Even last night, there were doubts in many over the continuation of the protests since the Chhatra League is one of the key components of the open event. The organisers–Blog & Online Activists Network–however, assure that they won’t stop the protests until their demands are met and that the politicians won’t be allowed to grip the programme–labelled by media as gonojagoron or mass uprising in Shahbagh which is also named as Muktijoddha Projomno Chattar or Freedom Fighter Generation Square while some like to call it another Tahrir Square!


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